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A Starter Guide to an Escape Room


If it is your first time into an escape room, here is a starter guide on what to expect during one of these games. Any team that enters into the escape space operates with a goal – escape within an hour. The escape room remains the best activity for your family, friends, an event that guides you on what to do and not to do. Check out what makes us the voted Chicago’s #1 escape room of 2018.


First Step: Assemble a Team

Choose your teammates wisely as the teams typically comprise between 2 to 6 people. Ensure your fellow escapees get along together, Maintain good communication among the teams and try to reason on an equal wavelength. Remember, a mix of different perspectives and skills are useful as it brings diversity in viewpoints and compensates for one’s shortcomings.


Second Step: Choose your Escape Room

Escape rooms have a wide variety of location selections for anyone to pick from. Are you are a fan of adventure accompanied by mystery? Or into spiritual or psychopathic mystery? A private treasure hunt or prison escape? Or a sudden bank heist?


escape room game

Third Step: Briefing and Backstory

On entering your escape room, you need a briefing team to give you updates on the particulars of the game, Here are some of the insightful tips worth your attention. As you wait to enter the host will reveal a backstory on what you can anticipate. Carefully listen to the Gamemaster as they will be dishing out clues on what to look out for.



Fourth Step: Have Fun

To achieve the best outcome fully immerse yourself in the room for the next hour. Do not hold back. The room offers a lot for all to explore. Carefully ravage through your room while discovering all potential clues that might wrap your brain into puzzles. While going about your discovery, have your objectives clear. All you do should be aimed at one objective: complete the room challenge and get away.


Tips we can give First-Timers

Search everywhere – Do not limit your search by paying too much attention to time. You must be willing to let go and flow with the game rather than the other way round.

Work together – -It is said that unity is a strength. There is no better place to put this into practice than at an escape room. Teamwork will you perform better given no man is an island anyway.

Positive attitudes – In any challenge you take, attitude is key to performance. A positive attitude is a good motivator and helps anyone work through their tasks and achieve better results. The escape room is no exception.


Ask for Hints

When in an escape room, the idea narrows down to problem-solving. Adopt all tactics that help you unravel missing pieces and elements to a puzzle. The escape room will have its share of puzzles and challenge alongside several other design strategies. Take time to split into teams and share with your teammates anything new you might have discovered. If another teammate discovers a clue, it will help you arrive at a suitable answer. At times the answer might be right ahead of the team to take time not to overcomplicate your position on certain puzzles.




How To Become A Great Singer

lady doing vocal lessons

Singing is a talent but talent alone is not enough to make you great. You will be surprised to know that even the most talented singers in the world still put effort into their career. If you want to join the league of big singers, then you need to think seriously about singing.

You need to take some time every day to focus on your singing. Putting some practice and passion in your work is the best way to excel and stand out from the other singers. Here are some tips that will help you to become a great singer:

Take Some Classes

You might be a talented singer, but you still need some vocal classes. It is essential to do vocal training to enhance your talent. You can imagine how great you could be if only you paid some attention to perfecting your skill.

Want to learn to sing online? Yes you can. You do not have to go to a physical music school. It is now possible to take some vocal classes from the comfort of your home. If you feel shy about going to a music school, then an online class will still work well.

Be You

The worst thing that many beginners make is trying to sing like someone else. You need to remember that there will only be one Whitney Houston and you can never sing like them. Try and establish your voice without trying to sing like someone else.

Everyone has their unique sound, and that is what makes them stand out from the rest. Working in your voice is an excellent way to establish confidence.

Breathing Techniques

The difference between good singers and the not so great singers is in the breathing techniques. It is important to master your breathing techniques so that you can be able to try different vocals.

When you learn how to control your breathing, you will be amazed to see what your vocals can do. Mastering your breathing techniques is not as difficult as many people think, but you need to be committed and do it in the right way.



Vocal training is not easy, and the mistake that many beginners make is giving up too early. If you feel that singing is your passion, you need the patience to learn and become a good singer.

You will not become a good singer overnight. It might take some time but at the end of the day, you will be glad that you did it.

A Detailed Review of an L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

If you are an avid computer gamer, it’s highly recommended that you get an L-shaped gaming computer desk. The desk has the perfect setup for your gaming gear. Whether you make use of multiple screens or accessories that are hard to organize, an L-shaped desk will help you deal with the problem. What’s great about this type of desk is that you can usually have it customized to fit your personal preferences. These desks are not that difficult to find either. You can always purchase them online if you can’t find one in a furniture store near you. In this detailed review of an l shaped gaming computer desk, we’re going to look into the main benefits of the setup. These benefits are as follows:

It’s great for optimizing room space

L-Shaped Gaming Computer DeskThe shape of the desk allows you to place it in corners. This allows you to occupy less space even if you have more gaming gear. You can set up the placement of the desk so that you can easily access every piece of gear that you will be putting on it. This is very important when it comes to playing fast-paced computer games. It increases your speed and efficiency.

It improves your productivity because it enables multi-tasking

If you are the type of gamer who works with multiple screens, keyboards, or joysticks, the L-shaped desk will be the perfect desk for you. It makes it easier for you to switch from one screen to another or from one keyboard to the next one. You don’t have to move around on these switches.

The setup is flexible and easy to customize

Whether you are using two or three monitor screens, you can tweak and rearrange them on the desk until you come up with the most convenient setup. You have a lot of setup options to choose from. This is very important especially if you play different computer games that require varying setups. And last but not the east, the L-shaped computer gaming desk can accommodate two players at the same time. This is great if you regularly play with someone else in the same room. You don’t have to purchase two desks to accommodate both of your computer hardware.

It’s cost-effective

As was mentioned earlier, the desk doesn’t occupy too much space, and you can set it up in a corner to save even more space. This will save you a lot of time and resources in the long run.

L-Shaped Gaming Computer DeskIn conclusion, if you want to maximize your gaming experience, you should avail of an L-shaped gaming computer desk. It offers several important benefits that make gaming easier and more fun. L-shaped desks are perfect for gaming setups because of the monitors and other gaming hardware that have to be placed on the desk. The faster you can access this hardware, the better it will be for your gaming experience. It turns you into a much faster and much more efficient gamer. So the next time you look at a gaming desk, make sure that it’s an L-shaped gaming desk.

Parents Keep Vigil as Online Gaming Takes Over Their Kid’s Social Lives.

agario game

Gaming remains a sensation part of growing up in the lives of most kids. We can still recount some of the favorite games that kept us up an hour or two playing. This also includes the time the game takes to load from one phase to the next. Modern day gaming is way different as consoles are powerful and load in real time. Additionally, modern day gaming is accompanied by exceptional graphics quality.

Gaming evolution

agarioLong ago the consoles were bug boxes accompanied by a plethora of connecting wires which would get entangled with other housed items. Playing a console game was both a physical and technological challenge back in the day. A look at the modern day gaming world reveals a complete transformation. Children as early as 12 to 15 spend over 10 hours a week gaming. With a wide pool of games available in the market, they are spoilt for choice. Surprisingly, this trend does not seem to subside, actually, their average gaming time spent keeps increasing as year’s progress.

Online gaming sensation

Online gaming has become a very popular trend. Today it is even being considered as a major form of socializing. For instance, popular online games such as best agario hacks enable kids to spend a great deal of their gaming. Online gaming exposes them to online communities where they can exchange notes with other gamers.

Popular gaming consoles such as the PS4 and Agario Game now with best agario hacks are miles away from their predecessors. They allow their users to access several online games. Psychologists advise parents to be adaptive with the times rather than criticize and try to return their home to the 70s or 80s. Parents must first educate themselves on how the online gaming works and understand its full capabilities. That way they can monitor their kids’ gaming and ensure that their access to the online community is accompanied by caution and responsiveness.

Gaming statistics

Internet matters recently carried out a survey that showed over 61 percent of 9 to 16-year-olds are heavily into online gaming. Out of the number of online gamers, half use smartphones. 47 percent use the Xbox live while the remaining are majorly from the PlayStation Plus. The survey points out that 41 percent of parents are deeply concerned over the time their young spend on gaming. The main reasons they cite are health deprivation, cyberbullying, and deterioration in the personal grooming of the gamers, vulgar language and interaction with strangers.

What parents can do to remedy this

agario hacksParents should spend more time talking to their young ones. This way they will be able to identify the games they play. Proceed gently to find out who they play with. Additionally, do they use live chat, meet or communicate through other chat options? Once a parent wins the trust of their kid they can even go further and show them how to report abusive chats and exclude those players who are anti-social. Parents must also ensure that the games their children are playing are age appropriate. Parents must teach their children the importance of holding onto their personal information and question when someone asks for it. It should be mutual the agreement on which games are appropriate and those that are not.

Celebrities prefer iPhones over any other cell phone models


Celebrities all over the world are using iPhone as their preferred phone model. We cannot dispute that it is a high cost with new versions coming up every day. The unique features compensate the high cost of the phone. iPhones are popular phones, and they command a huge following from users almost all over the world. Celebrities still prefer iPhones despite other models coming on the market every day. An iPhone offers a combination of class, status, and functionality and this is why many people buy the phone.

Why celebrities use iPhones

Symbol of status

Owning an iPhone is a symbol of status. It shows that you appreciateiPhone expensive gadgets and you are will to pay for them. iPhones are not cheap, and everyone who owns one has paid a fortune for it. Fortunately, you can get a free iPhone 7 and enjoy the status. When people see you this phone, then they will automatically associate you with high status. For celebrities status is everything, and they will always want to make an impression. An iPhone will make an impression and isolate you from the rest of the crowd.

Security features

Security is always a big priority for celebrities. For celebrities, phones should be well secured to protect their information and data. The reason why many celebrities like iPhones is because of the security features. It becomes impossible to access their phone without their consent. Even if you get hold of the phone, you will not be able to do much with it. Celebrities will always look for a phone that will protect their identity, and the iPhone does that perfectly.

Good quality pictures

We all know that celebrities love being in front of the camera. The iPhone allows them to take random pictures with fans and also with other celebrities. The quality of pictures taken by iPhone can never be compared to any other phone. This is one of the phones that allow celebrities to showcase their lifestyle without much effort.


Unique features

iPhones have some of the unique features that you might not find on any other phones. These features are not only important to celebrities, but they are also important to all the other people. iPhone supports all the applications and including the social media apps. It is also possible to play the latest games available because iPhones can always support all the games.

Special event to hire a limo


When it comes to hiring a limo, many people only think about weddings. The truth is that there are many special occasions to hire a limo. You don’t have to wait for a wedding to hire a limo. Once in a while, you can enjoy a limo ride. A limo ride gives you an exclusive experience that you cannot get from anywhere else. If you have a special event that is coming up, then consider hiring baja limo Sacramento ca so that you create great memories. Here are special events to hire a limo.

When to hire a limo


Weddings are obviously the most common event that many people hire a limo. A wedding is a special event and the only way to make the day more special is by hiring a limo. One of the reasons why many people prefer a limo on the wedding day is that it can carry the whole wedding party. For instance, the limo can carry the bride and the bride maids, and they will get an opportunity to catch up on their way to the venue. This is a good option compared to having many cars for all the bride maids.


Prom night

It is also a good idea to hire a limo on the prom night. Prom happens only once, and you need to document the memories for the future. You need everything to be perfect as you take pictures and selfies on a special day. The best way to enjoy the prom night is to hire a limo with a few of your friends. You will make an appearance at the venue, and you will be the envy of everyone that night.

Bachelorette and bachelor party

The Bachelorette and the bachelor party are special and they need to be treated with the luxury that they deserve. If you are planning to go out with your girls or boys, then you need to consider hiring a limo. There are many reasons for hiring a limo to these parties. You will get an opportunity to have a good time and receive all the VIP treatment that you serve. Most of the limos will serve drinks and refreshments for such parties.


Engagement and anniversary party

If you took a limo to your wedding, then you might also want to surprise your loved one with a limo for the anniversary party. There is no better way to surprise your loved one and make them feel special than getting a limo service.

Choosing A Photographer


Photography is another industry that is exploding in the entertainment world. This has seen to it that competition among photographers is increasing. The number of professional photographers available is currently higher than it has ever been. As a result, choosing one to work with on a project such as a wedding can become challenging. There are many factors, which you need to consider if you want to get the best photographer. A few considerations to make are highlighted below.

Main factors to consider


Good photography requires great creativity. Choose a photographer who has proven to be creative based on previous work. You can simply ask him to give you samples of his work and make your judgment based on that. With creativity, the photographer will be able to get amazing shots irrespective of the environmental conditions.


A good photographer should have a great personality. This is more of the case when live models are involved in the photo shoot. The models should feel as comfortable as possible working with the photographer, in such a way that they can pose confidently for the perfect shots. However, the great personality should not overshadow professionalism. A professional photographer will always know his bounds when it comes to interaction.


How long an individual has been in the photography business can indicate how good he is at his job. You should choose someone who has lots of experience. The experience should be backed by a great reputation. You can find out more concerning this from reviews and feedbacks left by previous clients. Recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues can also work just fine.


tyitf67uytfk67yuDifferent photographers will charge differently for their services. You should start by making a budget, detailing the amount of money that you wish to spend. Look for a photographer whose charges fit within your budget. Try to be a bit generous with the budget if you can afford. This is because photographers who charge too low are usually inexperienced or incompetent. Some may also try to extort you by charging exorbitantly, so you need to find a good balance.


Most great photographers usually have a busy schedule planned for them. You need to confirm the availability of the photographer at the time or day when you will need him. A great idea would be to book his services early enough. Make sure that the photographer will still be available for you even if some unforeseen delays occur.

Strasbourg International Film Festival

Strasbourg International Film Festival
Be daring. Be original. Be seen!

Strasbourg International Film Festival
will be held in Strasbourg, France
September 12-21, 2008

The Strasboug International Film Festival is a 10-day film festival from Sept 12 – 21, 2008 located in the heart of Strasbourg.

Our mission is to show the works of new and emerging filmmakers. We showcase creative,

edgy, out-of-the-box filmmakers in all genres as well as more traditional romantic comedies, daring documentaries, wild ride animation, etc.

The festival will show 25 feature films and between 60-100 shorts films – all genres accepted.

The Strasbourg International Film Festival offers cash prizes as well as awards!



Our goal is to make this festival an ideal location for filmmakers and other industry professionals. There will be filmmaker introductions and Q&As;, industry panels and free filmmakers breakfasts. The festival we be geared for industry networking. We will also have special events for students and the community. As we get nearer to the date of the festival we will post specific events, locations, dates and times.

For further information about our submission process visit our submissions page.

Strasbourg International Film Festival