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A Starter Guide to an Escape Room

If it is your first time into an escape room, here is a starter guide on what to expect during one of these games. Any team that enters into the escape space operates with a goal – escape within an hour. The escape room remains the best activity for your family, friends, an event that guides you on what to do and not to do.


First Step: Assemble a Team

Choose your teammates wisely as the teams typically comprise between 2 to 6 people. Ensure your fellow escapees get along together, Maintain good communication among the teams and try to reason on an equal wavelength. Remember, a mix of different perspectives and skills are useful as it brings diversity in viewpoints and compensates for one’s shortcomings.


Second Step: Choose your Escape Room

Escape rooms have a wide variety of location selections for anyone to pick from. Are you are a fan of adventure accompanied by mystery? Or into spiritual or psychopathic mystery? A private treasure hunt or prison escape? Or a sudden bank heist?


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Third Step: Briefing and Backstory

On entering your escape room, you need a briefing team to give you updates on the particulars of the game, Here are some of the insightful tips worth your attention. As you wait to enter the host will reveal a backstory on what you can anticipate. Carefully listen to the Gamemaster as they will be dishing out clues on what to look out for.



Fourth Step: Have Fun

To achieve the best outcome fully immerse yourself in the room for the next hour. Do not hold back. The room offers a lot for all to explore. Carefully ravage through your room while discovering all potential clues that might wrap your brain into puzzles. While going about your discovery, have your objectives clear. All you do should be aimed at one objective: complete the room challenge and get away.


Tips we can give First-Timers

Search everywhere – Do not limit your search by paying too much attention to time. You must be willing to let go and flow with the game rather than the other way round.

Work together – -It is said that unity is a strength. There is no better place to put this into practice than at an escape room. Teamwork will you perform better given no man is an island anyway.

Positive attitudes – In any challenge you take, attitude is key to performance. A positive attitude is a good motivator and helps anyone work through their tasks and achieve better results. The escape room is no exception.


Ask for Hints

When in an escape room, the idea narrows down to problem-solving. Adopt all tactics that help you unravel missing pieces and elements to a puzzle. The escape room will have its share of puzzles and challenge alongside several other design strategies. Take time to split into teams and share with your teammates anything new you might have discovered. If another teammate discovers a clue, it will help you arrive at a suitable answer. At times the answer might be right ahead of the team to take time not to overcomplicate your position on certain puzzles.