Strasbourg International Film Festival
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Strasbourg International Film Festival

Strasbourg International Film Festival

Strasbourg International Film Festival

Strasbourg International Film Festival

*Films for 2008*

Narrative Features
Blackspot (New Zealand) European Premiere
Blood Car (USA) Strasbourg Premiere
El Cuarto (Columbia) Mainland European Premiere
El Senor Presidente (Venezuela) Mainland European Premiere
Emma Blue (Greece) Strasbourg Premiere
Fix (USA) French Premiere
Happy New Year, London (Turkey/UK) Strasbourg Premiere
Hello Goodbye (Switzerland) French Premiere
How to Be (UK) European Premiere
Jack Says (UK) European Premiere
Last Letters From Monte Rosa (Germany/Italy/USA) European Premiere
Man in a Box (UK) World Premiere
Otto: Up With Dead People (Germany) French Premiere
Quality Time (India) World Premiere
Red Canyon (USA) International Premiere
Redirecting Eddie (USA) World Premiere
The Run (UK) French Premiere
Saila (Germany) European Premiere
Strength and Honour (New Cut) (Ireland) European Premiere
Svani (Georgia) French Premiere
Tin Can Man (Ireland) European Premiere
Virtually a Virgin (Hungary) French Premiere
Waiting at the Gate (UK) Mainland European Premiere
Walk All Over Me (Canada) European Premiere
Weirdsville (Canada) French Premiere
Yeast (USA) International Premiere

Documentary Features
Bending Space (France/USA) European Premiere
Children of Congo: From War to Witches (Congo/USA) World Premiere
Escapade (France) World Premiere
A Fateful Harvest (Afghanistan/USA) European Premiere
Guest of Cindy Sherman (USA) European Premiere
Hip Hop in Morocco (Morocco/USA) European Premiere
Long Road North (Canada/USA) European Premiere
Maria Tallchief (USA) International Premiere
School on the Move (France/Russian Federation) World Premiere
Tibet's Cry for Freedom (Tibet/India/Indonesia/Australia) International Premiere

Experimental Features
Chiayi Symphony (Taiwan) French Premiere

Narrative Shorts
125 (South Korea) European Premiere
The Adventure (USA)
Agnieszka: A Dark Symphony of 2039 (Poland/UK) Strasbourg Premiere
Alicja Wonderland (Poland/UK) Strasbourg Premiere
Angel (Sweden) World Premiere
Basket Boy (Burundi/Canada)
The Basket Case (Ireland) European Premiere
Birthday Girl (Canada) French Premiere
Cassandra (Mexico/USA) International Premiere ~ Student Academy Awards National Finalist
Cannibal Jane (France) French Premiere
Cuentos Chinos (USA)
A Day in a Life (Belgium)
A Day's Work (Czech Republic)
La Difunta Correa (Argentina/France) Strasbourg Premiere
Dio Fores Tora (Greece) European Premiere
Direct Mail (Portugal)
El Ojo Unico (Argentina)
En Forelskelse (Awakening)(Denmark) International Premiere
En Thermo (Greece) European Premiere
The Funeral... Again (Canada)
H5n1 (Italy) European Premiere
Hakim (Tanzania/Germany)
Handicap City (USA) Strasbourg Premiere
Hold On (France) Strasbourg Premiere
Hombre Kabuki (USA) French Premiere
Horsefingers 3: Starfucker (USA) World Premiere
Huominen (Tomorrow) (Finland) World Premiere
Il faut que je parle a mon pere (Canada) European Premiere
Invierno Limeno (Peru) International Premiere
Jur (Sweden) European Premiere
Just Smile (UK)
Laura in Action (Denmark)
Lent (UK)
Loneliness (Girl) French Premiere
Looking Up Dresses (USA) International Premiere
Minding Rocco (UK)
My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film (Canada) European Premiere
Nicht vom Brot Allein (Does Not Live By Bread Alone) (Austria) World Premiere
No Paso Nada (Nothing Happened) (Mexico)
Norman (USA) European Premiere
Nosebleed (USA) Strasbourg Premiere
Obsession (France) French Premiere
L'Oiseau Mort (The Dead Bird) (Canada)
One Two Punch (USA) International Premiere
Open Door (Mexico/USA) World Premiere
Outsource (USA)
La Paciente (Guatemala)
Le Petit Mort (UK) European Premiere
Pink Shorts (USA) International Premiere
Passing Fancy (Japan) European Premiere
Punch (French/Australia) European Premiere
Ransom (Taiwan) European Premiere
Red Light District (Japan) World Premiere
Regular Guy (USA) European Premiere
Remedy (UK) World Premiere
The Replacement Child (USA)
Running With the Boys (Australia) European Premiere
Sahara (Netherlands)
Satisfait ou Rembourse (France)
Shooting Jill (UK) Western European Premiere
Slip of the Tongue (Canada) European Premiere
Die Schlafende Schonheit (Sleepless Beauty) (Germany)
The Short Ride (Romania) Western European Premiere
Shy (USA) International Premiere
Silence (Iceland) French Premiere
Silence (USA) European Premiere
Sizzlean (USA) International Premiere
Soldiers (France) World Premiere
Some of an Equation (USA) Strasbourg Premiere
Song of David (USA) European Premiere
The Spell (Spain)
Spirit of the Fox (UK) European Premiere
Struck (USA) French Premiere
SuperGlue (USA) World Premiere
Sur la terre comme au ciel (On Earth as It Is in Heaven) (Canada) French Premiere
Survey #257 (UK) World Premiere
Suzukishopi (Suzuki & Co) (Japan) European Premiere
La Tangente (The Tangent) (France)
These Boots Were Made For Walken (USA)
Titus and Alfonso (Germany) International Premiere
Tony Zoreil (France)
Tumbling After (Canada)
Une Tache Rebelle (The Unruly Stain) (France) World Premiere
Underground (USA) Strasbourg Premiere
Up For Air (Ireland) International Premiere
Vieillesse Ennemie (Euthanasia) (France) Strasbourg Premiere
Watch Me! (UK) World Premiere
When Sally Met Frank (Australia) European Premiere
Whore (Germany) French Premiere
Wianbu (Comfort Woman) (South Korea/USA) European Premiere ~ Student Academy Award Finalist
Zwischen Licht und Schatten (Fading Away)(Germany) French Premiere

Animated Shorts
Abridged (USA) Strasbourg Premiere
The Bite (USA) French Premiere
The Cave (USA) French Premiere
Construction of Citizens (Greece) Western European Premiere
Dead Boyfriends (Canada) European Premiere
Dear Fatty (USA) European Premiere
E1even Roses (Hong Kong/Canada) European Premiere
Ellegies of Lessons Learnt (UK)
Hope Springs Eternal (USA) French Premiere
Hot Dog(USA)
Humor Me (Canada) European Premiere
Mexican Standoff (USA)
The Spell (Spain) European Premiere
Raccoon and Crawfish (USA)

Documentary Shorts
Dinosaurs & Rocketships (USA)
The Engine (USA) European Premiere
Gare d'Austerlitz (France/USA) International Premiere

Experimental Shorts
2007 Ehe die Spuren verwehen (2007 Before the tracks are lost on the wind)(Germany) French Premiere
Crowded With Voices (USA) European Premiere
Derrida se ha metido en nuestra cama (Derrida Got in Our Bed) (Venezuela) French Premiere
The Distance to the Sun (Italy/USA)
Kermis (Netherlands) International Premiere
Moving Town (Italy) European Premiere
Pripyat (Chernobyl) (Ireland)
Procession (Australia)
Victims (Austria/Sweden) French Premiere
Viola (USA) International Premiere ~ Student Academy Awards Nominee

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