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Title: Eugene
Length of Film: 85 minutes
Director: Writer/Director JAKE BARSHA in his feature film debut
Producer: Stuart G. Bennett. Eli Rarey, Mark S. Hartman
Writer: Jake Barsha
Starring: Starring Stuart G. Bennett, MeganLee Ethridge, Ryan Reyes

Date of Completion: 2008
Country of Production: USA
Country of Filming: USA
Language of Film: English
Premiere Status: European Premiere

Film Trivia: cameo appearance by musician Zander Schloss
� Zander is a musician, actor and composer, best known as the bass player for The Circle Jerks and The Weirdos and for his c ontribution to a number of independent (cult status) feature films. His first appearance was as �Kevin the Nerd� in REPO MAN (a character that was rumored to be the inspiration for NAPOLEON DYNAMITE). He went onto appear in a number of Alex Cox films and made significant musical contributions in other Alex Cox features such as SID & NANCY, STRAIGHT TO HELL, WALKER, EL PATRULLERO and THE WINNER. Zander joined The Circle Jerks in 1984. He departed after two albums to join up with former Clash front man Joe Strummer in London as musical director and lead guitarist/multi instrumentalist on several tours, solo albums and sound tracks.

Only American film chosen for "New Visions / New Voices" Selection - Palm Springs International Film Festival honoring the 1st or 2nd work of a director

Stuart G. Bennett
Wi nner - Best Actor - San Diego FilmOut Nomination - Best Actor - Hoboken International Film Festival

Jake Barsha
Nomination - Best Director - Hoboken Internation al Film Festival

EUGENE is an official selection of:
The Palm Springs International Film Festival (World Premiere - January, 2009)
San Francisco Indie Film Festival (February, 2009)
New Filmmakers New York (February, 2009)
Colorado20Springs Indie Spirit Film Festival (April, 2009)
San Diego's Film Out (May, 2009)
Hoboken International Film Festival (June, 2009)
West H ollywood International Film Festival (August 2009)
Strasbourg International Film Festival (August, 2009)
Website: Eugene

Screening Time and Location:
9:00pm Saturday, August 29th - Jimmy's Pub

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